6 Ply Flexogen 10 Series

Model No.
10-58050BR, 50 ft.
Model No. 10-58075BR, 75 ft.
Model No. 10-58100BR, 100 ft.
Model No. 10-58050TQ, 50 ft.
Model No. 10-58075TQ, 75 ft.
Model No. 10-58100TQ, 100 ft.
Model No. 10-58050TP, 50 ft.
Model No. 10-58075TP, 75 ft.
Model No. 10-58100TP, 100 ft.

  • The original hose technology that set the quality standard for many years until
    Gilmour introduced 8 ply Flexogen
  • Available in 3 contemporary neutrals – brick, teal and taupe Designed to compliment
    different homes and outdoor living styles
  • Resists kinks and easy to handle in any weather
  • Double reinforced with protective collar and machined metal fittings
  • Available in 5/8 in. by 50, 75 or 100 ft. lengths

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