Gilmour offers a full line of pruners and loppers. Designed for maximum comfort and performance, these tools feature Gear-lever cutting for twice the power of a standard tool.

With all this power, they’re surprisingly light and easy to use. They’ve quickly become favored by many of our customers who garden for extended
periods of time.  Lightweight, compact and durable.

When choosing pruners or loppers, consider which design best fits your job:

  • Bypass Action is ideal for new growth or green wood, providing a close, clean cut. The hook holds the growth while the blade slices through the wood.
  • Anvil Action is best for dry, hard-to-cut wood. The anvil provides a flat surface so the cutting force is equally distributed, preventing the blade from twisting.

All of Gilmour hedge shears, saws and tree pruners are designed for maximum cutting power where you need it most. In fact, phone and utility
companies nationwide choose commercial Gilmour pruning tools for their unmatched strength and durability.

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