Below is the list of available replacement parts for your Gilmour product. To order, please call 800.458.0107 or e-mail For Nelson product replacement parts go to Please note, we accept only Visa and MasterCard.

Tanks Replacement Parts

In acquiring the Nelson/Gilmour watering business from Robert Bosch Tool Corporation, Fiskars did NOT acquire the Gilmour tank sprayer business. Any inquiries regarding that business and its products should continue to be addressed directly to Robert Bosch Tool Corporation.

For replacement parts or information please call Bosch Power Tool service at 1 800-346-4103



Traveling Sprinkler TS01020 Back Wheel Assembly / Yellow $12.35
TS00120 Front Wheel Assembly / Yellow $6.16
TS01521 Spray Tube Assembly $15.08
 77529 Ramp $7.02
Foam Guns 92020 Quart Bottle – Plain $5.72
92520 Half Gallon Bottle – Plain $5.90
7319 Deflector $1.10
7571GM Foam Wand $6.51
751BL Pistol Grip Shut-off (Black)
7511MR Mixing Head – Multi Ratio Brass
9511MR Mixing Head – Multi Ratio Poly
7374 Siphon Tube for QT Brass Head
7324H Siphon Tube for HG Brass Head
95QG24 Siphon Tube for QT Poly Head
95HG24 Siphon Tube for HG Poly Head
09QCFBLK Quick Coupler – Female $7.99
Pruning Shears – 19T K119 Repair Kit $7.99